Vodo Wireless Earbuds Vs. Sony WF-SP700N

Today, true wireless technology is no longer a far-fetched concept; everyone has access to noise-cancelling wireless earphones. If you are looking to get rid of your wired headphones, you've come to the right place. If you know the brand Sony, chances are you might have heard of the WF-SP700N. Before making any decisions, find out how it stacks up against Vodo Earbuds.


Sony WF-SP700N earphones are known for their chunky design. Made from plastic, the buds are available in four main colorways: white, yellow, pink and black. Users will be able to sweat in style during their workouts. If you are looking to get compact wireless earphones that do not take up too much "ear estate," Vodo Earbuds are ideal for your needs. The wireless earphones' designs offer a sense of understated cool.


Vodo Earbuds' ergonomic design ensures that they are comfortable, secure and fit every ear. The wireless earphones offer hours of audio bliss by keeping the buds from falling out. Since Sony WF-SP700N earphones are relatively lightweight, they offer a decent level of comfort and secure fit. Users experience minimal dropouts while running. If you need a pair of wireless earphones that fit your ears like a glove, then Vodo Earbuds are clearly the winner.


Each Sony WF-SP700N earphone features a power button. It doubles as a universal button for playing and pausing music, skipping tracks, and answering and ending calls. Oftentimes, these functions are triggered via single, double, and triple clicks. Unfortunately, you won't find volume controls on the buds. Vodo Earbuds have all these functions and you simply tap on the buds to operate them. The wireless earphones can remain in your desired positions because you won't need to keep pressing (pushing) them.

Sound Quality

Overall, Sony WF-SP700N earphones sound good but fail to impress their users when it comes to clarity. On the flip side, the product has great noise isolation capabilities. Vodo Earbuds offer high-quality sound track after track and come with top-notch noise-cancelling capabilities.

Battery Life

Sony listed three hours of playback time for the WF-SP700N. The reality is that the product lasted for 2.58 hours (playback at 75dB). This means that users have to play music at lower volumes to conserve battery life. Vodo Earbuds are designed for long periods of continuous usage; up to six hours on a single charge. Additionally, the Vodo case extends playback time to 24 hours. A bonus if you are constantly on the go.


Sony's latest WF-SP700N retails for $180. It costs more than the earlier WF-1000X because it is a sports version. At this price point, the WF-SP700N is not good enough to beat out other lower-priced models. Vodo Earbuds only cost $129 and offer better performance in many areas.


Since the inception of Sony's first true wireless earbuds, the organization has been taking an unconventional design path. Because of their oversized wireless earphones, customers require more adjustment time to appreciate the product. To be fair, Sony never sacrifices form over function. If you are looking for a product that is almost perfect right out of the box, Vodo Earbuds certainly check most boxes on the list.