Vodo Wireless Earbuds Vs. Jaybird Unrivaled Freedom Vista

One of the first companies to offer true wireless earphones, Jaybird designed the Unrivaled Freedom Vista to address all the drawbacks of the Run and Run XT models. The brand, however, is not the only options to delivers premium audio experiences to its users. Let’s check out how Jaybird’s wireless earphones stack up against Vodo Earbuds:


Jaybird Unrivaled Freedom Vista earphones feature a sporty design that appeals to a diverse audience. If you are looking for wireless earphones that feature a minimalist design but are extremely functional, you can never go wrong with Vodo Earbuds. They are adequately stylish for the modern individual; a piece of understated cool.


No stems and hooks are needed for Vodo Earbuds. The wireless earphones fit perfectly in the ear and are not oversized and bulky. They feel as though they are part of you and be worn for sports and other leisure activities without any discomfort. You can use them for several hours straight and not experience fatigue in and around the ears. Additionally, they do not fall off easily during vigorous activities. Jaybird Unrivaled Freedom Vista earphones, on the other hand, weigh approximately six grams each. Because they are heavier, they may become painful after a while.


Each Jaybird Unrivaled Freedom Vista earphone comes with a multi-function button. A long press of the button is needed to turn the earphones on or off. If you apply too much force, however, the earphones could shift out of position. This can be frustrating as you've lost the "perfect position." Vodo Earbuds take things to the next level. All you need to do is to tap the wireless earphones once or twice to active various functions. For example, simply tap once to pause/play a song, tap three times to redial the last phone call or touch and hold the earbuds for two seconds to reject a call.

Sound Quality

Jaybird has installed 6mm drivers to enhance the audio quality on their Vista models. As a result, the sound quality is as good as wired earphones. In addition to good instrumental separation, users can adjust the audio profile to their individual likings. Although Vista earphones block out ambient noise almost entirely, they lack a transparency mode that helps users stay aware of their surroundings. This means that you'll have to lower the volume when needed.

You won't have to worry about the abovementioned issues when it comes to using Vodo Earbuds. In addition to consistently delivering high-quality sound, surrounding noise will not interfere with your music and conversations.

Battery Life

Jaybird claimed that its Unrivaled Freedom Vista earphones offer up to six hours of battery life. Vodo Earbuds can last for the same duration on a single charge as they work upon ultra-low power consumption technology. Although it looks like a tie, our Vodo charging cases allow users to enjoy up to 24 hours of extra battery on the go. Jaybird's cases typically hold up to 10 hours of charge.


Both products attract sports and fitness enthusiasts who desire true wireless earbuds with water-resistant properties. The Jaybird Vista, however, is priced at $180. If you are looking for an affordable option, Vodo Earbuds are available at only $129.


Jaybird Unrivaled Freedom Vista earphones come as a decent upgrade over the company's earlier models. They are, however, too expensive in the true wireless headphone market. Vodo Earbuds continue to serve as a power, affordable and reliable alternative.