Vodo Wireless Earbuds Vs. Beats Powerbeats Pro

Today, you can't take a trip to the local mall without seeing shoppers wearing wireless earphones. These products are everwhere; they are easy to use and are super portable. Additionally, wireless earphones do not require special applications to get them to work perfectly. With so many options on today's market (e.g., Vodo Earbuds and Beats Powerbeats Pro), which ones are better?


Powerbeats Pro‌ are typically designed for fitness; ear hooks fit over the ears to secure them during vigorous activity. Beats' earphones are available in black, ivory, navy and moss. If a wide choice of colors isn't important to you, Vodo Earbuds is the right option for you. These wireless earphones are made for sporty individuals as well. Users can play sports, run in the rain and work out without experiencing connectivity issues or worrying about them falling off.


Vodo Earbuds can be worn all day without discomfort. Because Powerbeats Pro earphones feature over-the-ear hooks, they may become uncomfortable if the foam is grippy. Wireless earphones by Vodo offer the "stick" wearers need without the use of hooks. Users enjoy a comfortable and secure fit for all their everyday activities.


Beats Powerbeats Pro offers mirrored controls, a volume rocker and multifunction key. These controls are accessible with either hand and offer a relatively intuitive experience. Because Powerbeats Pro earphones are pretty sensitive, you may drop a call or two if you're not careful when adjusting them. Additionally, you could accidentally push them deeper into the ears, causing slight discomfort. Vodo Earbuds can be operated via the touch of your fingers; no pushing or pressing required! Users can redial the last phone call, receive a call, pause or resume a song or activate voice commands by tapping their earbuds. It is unlikely that the wireless earphones will shift out of position.

Sound Quality

Powerbeats Pro earbuds feature a closed design and do not let in as much ambient noise as AirPods. Users won't have to crank up the volume if they walk through noisy streets. Additionally, the earbuds have a punchy bass and sound great when listening to rock, electronic music and R&B. Vodo Earbuds are made to play all types of music while delivering consistent, high-quality sound. Regardless of which playlists you've set up, Vodo is the only wireless earphones you'll need.

Battery Life

Powerbeats Pro earbuds offer up to nine hours of playtime but most devices tap out at eight hours. Although they offer three hours more of playtime than Vodo Earbuds, they come with a bulkier charging case. If you don't want something that's tough to tote around, then Vodo Earbuds are the better choice. Six hours of playtime between each charge is more than enough for the average user.


Powerbeats Pro earbuds don't come cheap; they cost $249.95 and do not come with bundled accessories to balance out the cost. Vodo Earbuds, on the other hand, are the affordable option and can be purchased at only $129.


Yes, Beats Powerbeats Pro are very popular; the brand is endorsed by many celebrities across the globe. If you are looking to get a reliable pair of wireless earphones without paying a premium, then Vodo Earbuds is the ideal alternative.