Vodo Wireless Earbuds Vs. Apple AirPods

If you are looking to get wireless earphones, chances are the Apple brand comes to mind first. Apple AirPods, however, are not the only option in today's market. A new member has recently hit the markets: Vodo Earbuds. From their designs to prices, let's pit these two against each other so that you can determine which wireless earphone suits you.


The latest AirPods look similar to the 2017 version; they have the slightly outdated long-stem design and chrome accents and is constructed from gloss-white plastic. Unfortunately, the AirPods are still fragile and break easily when stepped on. Vodo Earbuds feature a modern and minimalist design. These wireless earphones suit individuals who prefer a stealthy design. 


Vodo Earbuds are designed for leisure, sports, and work. Weighing only 1.9 oz, the wireless earphones' ergonomic design improves wearability and offers secure in-ear fit. If you require this level of peace of mind, Apple AirPods may not be the ideal option. Although AirPods offer great comfort and rest gently on the wearer's ear, the dangling design increases the risks of falling out.


AirPods' tap gestures are responsive and make playing music easy. Additionally, the product supports the new "Hey Siri" feature. Owners can perform voice commands and access Apple's digital assistant hands-free. AirPods, however, do not have volume and track navigation options. Adjusting settings becomes tedious after a while. Because Vodo Earbuds enable full operating control through tapping actions, both right-handed and left-handed individuals can use them with exceptional ease. Take complete control of your voice calls and music with the touch of your fingers!

Sound Quality

Vodo Earbuds are designed to deliver clear sound via high-fidelity sound technology. Wearers can enjoy distortion-free music all day long. Thanks to the AirPods' newly adjusted soundstage, mids sound cleaner and lows have more kick to them. If you are not a fan of hip-hop or alternative rock, the bass could feel overpowering at times. Additionally, AirPods tend to create poor seals and leak ambient noise into your ears.

Battery Life

Although Apple AirPods' battery lives are rated at five hours, they typically last up to 4.5 hours before needing a recharge. Owners can generate approximately three hours of use on a 15-minute quick charge. Due to Vodo Earbuds' ultra-low power consumption technology, owners can enjoy up to six hours of playtime on a single charge.


Everyone knows Apple's products are sold at a premium ($159 MRSP). If you are looking for wireless earphones that give you bang for your buck, Vodo Earbuds are the perfect option for you. These wireless earphones only cost $129 per set.


Apple AirPods are definitely a strong contender here and no one is dismissing them by any means. Unless you are a hardcore Apple fan, Vodo Earbuds may just prove to be the more practical, cost-effective and dynamic wireless earphone solution. They are affordable, extremely portable, stylish and offer high-quality sound. Although Vodo is the new kid on the block, the brand is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.