Studio Wireless Headphones

Most producers like to monitor their mixes through various sources including wireless headphones. When your work involves spending time in the studio whether as a producer or sound engineer, one thing is constant, sound quality is key. At Vodo, we make extremely affordable noise-cancelling studio wireless earbuds that will help you work make the most of your studio time.

Understanding Studio Wireless Headphones

If your work involves working in a recording studio, you will need headphones that not only produce quality audio but also, ones that are durable and can survive being used on a daily basis. Recording beats and mixing sounds requires headphones that can clearly produce the bass and treble of all your tracks so that you can know which adjustments you need to make. Headphones that do not produce quality audio sounds can be quite frustrating especially in a studio setting hence why you will need our Vodo studio wireless headphones.

More people are going wireless especially beat makers. This can not only be attributed to the fact that they produce quality sounds, but also because cords and wires cause a lot distraction and make it impossible to move around while in the studio. In case you accidentally step on the cord or it gets tangled up, the sound quality will be distorted, and this makes it hard for you to work effectively.

About Our Vodo Earbuds

At Vodo, we fully understand the hard work, long hours and creativity that go into making awesome beats. In this line of work, headphones are a common feature and most producers will look for comfort, sound quality and connectivity when choosing studio headphones. Our team at Vodo took all these things to consideration and came up with one if not the best, most comfortable and durable studio wireless headphones in the market today.  

Vodo Sound uses ultra-low power consumption technology to make sure the headphones give you at least 6 hours of playtime.

Benefits of Studio Wireless Headphones

Below is a list of benefits that our Vodo earbuds offer for studio professionals:

  • Ergonomic Design
  • High-Res Sound
  • Noise Cancelling
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
  • Intelligent Pairing
  • Convenient Touch Controls
  • Stereo Phone Calls
  • Dual-Mic
  • USB-C Connector
  • Sweat-Proof and Water Resistant
  • Up to 6 Hours of Playtime
  • Charging Case on the Go (Up to 24 hours)
  • …and more!

Get Awesome Studio Wireless Headphones from Vodo Today

Our team at Vodo has used the best quality materials to make the most comfortable and durable studio wireless headphones on the market today. Our wireless headphones are extremely affordable and lightweight.

Our earbuds are made with top-notch noise-cancelling technology that makes them the best for use in the studio. Our highly trained engineers have worked with reputable companies hence why our earbuds provide the best audio quality. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are getting value for your money when you buy your studio headphones from us.

If you have any inquiries about our studio wireless headphones, feel free to fill out our online inquiry form. You may also email us at