Professional Wireless Headphones

Professional wireless headphones are typically used by music producers in a studio setting. They help music producers listen to each beat clearly and to be able to offer feedback to the vocalists and other members of the band. If you are looking for professional wireless headphones, Vodo has got you covered with high-quality Vodo professional wireless headphones.

Understanding Professional Wireless Headphones

As a professional music producer, you need to invest in the best wireless headphones to make your work easier and better. Wireless headphones deliver the best of sound quality and help you to produce great music. The fact that they are wireless makes it easier for you to move around the studio without having to remove the headphones or worse, dragging wires around the production area.

Another advantage of using wireless headphones in the studio is that they come with a variety of controls built into them. You can easily control things like volume, replay and much more just by touching your headphones. This allows you to save time and effort as you can replay recorded music or fast forward while on the move.

About Our Vodo Vibe Earbuds

When you chose to get our Vodo earbuds, you have the assurance that you are getting the best in audio technology. We have designed our earbuds to be ergonomic and fit perfectly in your ears. This means that as you move around the studio, our Vodo earbuds are unlikely to fall off. The sound quality is amazing, allowing you to catch every beat and every tone in the music that you are producing.

Our Vodo earbuds come with a battery life of six hours which means that you have more than enough to keep you going at the studio for most of the day. Throw in our ambient and wind noise reduction and you have a versatile professional wireless headphone that can be used in all types of audio productions.

Benefits of Professional Wireless Headphones

Below is a list of benefits that our Vodo Vibe earbuds offer for professional wireless headphones:

  • Ergonomic Design
  • High-Res Sound
  • Noise Cancelling
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
  • Intelligent Pairing
  • Convenient Touch Controls
  • Stereo Phone Calls
  • Dual-Mic
  • USB-C Connector
  • Sweat-Proof and Water Resistant
  • Up to 6 Hours of Playtime
  • Charging Case on the Go (Up to 24 hours)
  • … and more!

Get Awesome Professional Wireless Headphones from Vodo Today

When we are looking for components to make our professional wireless headphones, we are careful to select only the best quality parts to ensure that the final product delivers flawless sound. Our wireless earbuds are designed to eliminate most of the annoying flaws that you have probably experienced from using other headphones. They are designed to last long, deliver excellent audio and fit perfectly.

When it comes to controls, you have the ability to make adjustments and change controls on the tip of your fingers with a simple tap. Vodo earbuds are also waterproof and can be used in a variety of environments.

If you any inquiries about our professional wireless headphones, feel free to fill out our online inquiry form. You may also email us at